CDC deerhair dun

During summer I sometimes struggle to tell to which of the many different insects the fish are currently rising. A pattern that ALWAYS works is this pattern created by Christian Kuchelmeister. This fly has caught a large variety of fish in difficult situations, from Slovenian […]

Extended Foam Body Mayfly

Here is another mayfly pattern, that I tie and use regularly. Its body is made of foam, which makes it almost unsinkable… and it catches fish! I caught some of my biggest dryfly browns on this pattern. Here is what you need: Hook Partridge Klinkhamer […]

Woolly Bugger

The Woolly Bugger is one of the most effective and most versatile streamers! There are also a lot of different ways to tie this fly. Instead of rooster saddle hackles, some tutorials suggest chenille. Lacking the correct hackle I have successfully used marabou in a […]


Dieses Muster fängt hervorragend! Es ist eine geringfügige Abwandlung des “Stickleback”-Musters von Barry Ord Clarke und imitiert mit dem dickeren Kopf eher eine kleine Forelle, die insbesondere im Frühjahr zur Beute großer Forellen werden. Haken: Gamakatsu F16 #10 oder ähnlicher Streamerhaken Kopf: Rehhaar Augen: Messing […]