why flyfish?

No one is born with a flyrod, but many fisherman get hooked sooner or later... Read here, how I became a flyfisher.


Review: RIO Gold Flyline

The RIO Gold is the flyline I fish most during the year. I use it as a WF5F on my Orvis Revon 5wt and as a WF6F…

Dying feathers, fur and bucktail

Colors are really important! More than once was I able to observe, that a change in lure/fly color had tremendous influence on bite frequency! Not only the color itself, but also the contrast that derives from the interplay of several colors…

Welcher Haken?

Der Haken ist der Teil unseres Equipments, der den Fisch fangen und im Drill halten muss… deshalb hat dieses kleine…

about me

I love fishing and I love the water. And every free minute I strive to explore the streams, rivers and lakes of this world.

Hannes N.