why flyfish?

No one is born with a flyrod, but many fisherman get hooked sooner or later... Read here, how I became a flyfisher.


catch & release – laws, ethics and biology

Gelegentlich werden in Angelforen und Whatsapp-Gruppen von Fischern schockierende Zeitungsartikel geteilt, in denen über saftige Strafen für Angler berichtet wird,…

review: SwissCDC Multiclamp by Christian Kuchelmeister

The multiclamp is a great tool, and the best clamp I have so far held in hand. It is a perfect additon to your tying desk, no matter if…

review: Ortlieb Atrack 25L waterproof bagpack

Waterproof bagpacks are getting increasingly popular. The new ORTLIEB Atrack seems like the perfect choice…

photo gallery

pictures of fish, landscapes, insects and all the beautiful things on the roadside