why flyfish?

No one is born with a flyrod, but many fisherman get hooked sooner or later... Read here, how I became a flyfisher.


mohican mayfly – CDC variation

The “mohican mayfly” developped by Oliver Edwards is one of my favorites. This fly catches very well, it is almost unsinkable and holds up very well even after many hooked fish.

mayfly nymph

Mayflies are almost irresistable for trout. And that applies not only to the flying insect, but also to the larva or nymph, which is one of the biggest insect larvae…

“Wurmbuntes” Messer

Schon länger wollte ich ein größeres Allzweck-Messer machen, das scharf genug ist um damit in der Küche zu arbeiten, aber…

photo gallery

pictures of fish, landscapes, insects and all the beautiful things on the roadside