review: Andrew CREEK DARK wading boots

I have been using these boots for roughly two years now, and it is time for a review. But before I start with the description an my personal experiences, I want to tell you what I expect from a wading shoe. Everyone uses his boots […]

all or nothing

The weather has not yet decided if it is spring yet… At home, a fire is still burning in the woodstove. Wind, rain and sun are constantly taking turns, and the nights are chilly still. In one moment you get a sunburn and in the […]

small mountain streams in the Bernese Alps

When the end of the trout season approaches, my thoughts are slowly circling around the question what remains to be fished, and how and where I want to spend the last days of the season… and this somehow coincides with the nights getting colder and […]


When such an old fish appears from the deep, in a spot which is easily accessable and very frequently fished, it is hard to believe how it was possible to fish past this huge fish for all this time! I have fished this spot many […]


Als bekennendes Land-Ei habe ich das Angeln als Kind natürlich mit dem Regenwurm im Dorfbach begonnen. Und schon damals haben mich die wunderschönen und oft erstaunlich großen Fische in diesen kleinen Bächen fasziniert. Diese Faszination hat bis heute nicht abgenommen…. Am letzten Wochenende ergab es […]