Almost I had started this blog entry with the sentence that “everything turned out very differently than last year, and differently than I expected”… but then I realized that I had written this sentence several times before.  Essentially, almost every year the fishing turns out […]

review: Andrew CREEK DARK wading boots

I have been using these boots for roughly two years now, and it is time for a review. But before I start with the description an my personal experiences, I want to tell you what I expect from a wading shoe. Everyone uses his boots […]

small mountain streams in the Bernese Alps

When the end of the trout season approaches, my thoughts are slowly circling around the question what remains to be fished, and how and where I want to spend the last days of the season… and this somehow coincides with the nights getting colder and […]

video: SAUDI ARABIA – fishing the Red Sea

My brother and I had long dreamed of fishing the Red Sea after so many years, and hoped that it would still be as wonderful as we remembered it from our childhood. After 27 years, my brother and I returned to Saudi Arabia in feburary […]

small fish, big surprise

In the last few weeks, fishing has been good, but not extraordinary. The ressurection of nature after the winter has been the true highlight on my fishing excursions… it is a great wonder to me, year and again: almost every day, the landscape changes. It is becoming greener, the birds louder, the evenings longer.