Flyfishing for asp

The asp is one of the most ferocious fighters of our South German rivers. Its power and its shape have some resemblance to the tarpon. And although it surely cannot compete with this big game fish, it is great fun fishing for asp. And it is possible right before our doorstep: The Rhine and its tributaries, especially the lower Neckar, is great asp fishing water!

An asp taking the streamer is unrivalled in our waters… it often takes the streamer like a lightning, leaping out of the water, going at full speed and almost pulling the line out of your hand… it is addictive! And so I might be better off, not fishing for real tarpon too soon… or I might be hooked, and my moneypurse wouldn’t like it 😉

Together with my brother I started a trip to the Neckar during a family visit. While in other regions, people  are very successful using topwater flies such as gurglers, we have not had much success with these in the past. Simple baitfish-patterns work best for us.

We had a great day fishing and caught many asps, the largest measured 74cm and the McLean-weighing-net showed more than 4 kilograms. WHAT A MIGHTY FIGHTER! I was happy to have my brother at my side, who helped with the netting.