small fish, big surprise

In the last few weeks, fishing has been good, but not extraordinary. The ressurection of nature after the winter has been the true highlight on my fishing excursions… it is a great wonder to me, year and again: almost every day, the landscape changes. It is becoming greener, the birds louder, the evenings longer.

Saudi Arabia. fly fishing and spin fishing in the red sea.

It has been 27 years, since I last set my foot on Saudi Arabian soil… I was almost 13 years when we moved back to Germany (my dad had worked there) and so I spent most of my life here in Germany. But Saudi Arabia […]

Blue brown

When you are making your reservation to fish the famous river Blue (Blau), no one knows how the season will develop.  And so it happens, that you pick precisely the day, when the water is up and not blue at all, but murky and brown. […]