Ducks are swimming in the fields, the streams are high, nature is breathing in. The rain of the last two weeks was more than necessary. At least Central Europe can relax, but still Italy and Southern Scandinavia needs a lot of water!

It almost feels like springtime: it is relatively cold, I am wrapped in fleece and goretex, everything is dripping wet. But fish are biting like crazy!!! The high water opens an opportunity to catch a really big fish on streamer.

With my Loop Evotec 6wt I cast woolly buggers 45 degrees downstream and let them drift towards my bank. The browns attack them viciously from below the undercut bank. Almost every cast is followed by a strike, I soon stop counting! The fish are strong at this time of the year, and I overestimate their size during the fight… still, there are some nice fish among the browns, although they do not reach the magical 50cm.

I admire every single fish for its beauty, their wonderful streamlined shapes and their color. Can you ever get enough of that?

When I return home, my wife asks me how I was able to endure the heavy rain. Astonished, I look at her: Did it rain?