after the rain

We had rain… lots of rain! The river is still full tot he brim, but this is it. The rain is through and suddenly summer is here. The evening sun is flashing through the trees, only rarely a cloud crosses the sky. But it has […]

dry time

A great variety and number of insects is hatching at the moment. Mayflies, stoneflies and caddis – they are all here! And for a short time each day – often not more than half an hour – the water seems to boil! The surface action […]

top or flop

The trout are moody as the weather… for short periods of time, heaven has red dots and there is a fish on almost every cast. And then it is all over again, and not a single fin shows up for hours… Luckily, the trout are […]

everything flows

Every season opening is a bit different… the weather, the water, the fish and even myself, are changing continuously. Except for the fact that on the evening before I realize that I should eventually sit down and tie some flies… and that it gets late […]