small mountain streams in the Bernese Alps

When the end of the trout season approaches, my thoughts are slowly circling around the question what remains to be fished, and how and where I want to spend the last days of the season… and this somehow coincides with the nights getting colder and […]

Soča Valley, day 1: nymph-fishing for marble trout

The night before our trip to Slovenia, I sat at my tying desk long after midnight, to fill up my fly boxes. My friend and “dealer” Christian Kuchelmeister, a professional fly tier, provided me with some tipps and warnings concerning the fishery in Slovenia. Christian […]


When such an old fish appears from the deep, in a spot which is easily accessable and very frequently fished, it is hard to believe how it was possible to fish past this huge fish for all this time! I have fished this spot many […]

after the rain

We had rain… lots of rain! The river is still full tot he brim, but this is it. The rain is through and suddenly summer is here. The evening sun is flashing through the trees, only rarely a cloud crosses the sky. But it has […]

dry time

A great variety and number of insects is hatching at the moment. Mayflies, stoneflies and caddis – they are all here! And for a short time each day – often not more than half an hour – the water seems to boil! The surface action […]