every fish counts

Recently, our family had the chance to spend a few days in the Jura region of France – we absolutely love this area, the landscape is beautiful, there are neat little towns and villages, the wine and cheese tastes great…. and you can fish! But […]


Almost I had started this blog entry with the sentence that “everything turned out very differently than last year, and differently than I expected”… but then I realized that I had written this sentence several times before.  Essentially, almost every year the fishing turns out […]


Mayfly season began for me on Ascension Day… this day is in Germany also celebrated as “Father’s Day” (I know it is a different date in other countries), and so it is one of the few days when no lengthy discussions with my wife are […]

all or nothing

The weather has not yet decided if it is spring yet… At home, a fire is still burning in the woodstove. Wind, rain and sun are constantly taking turns, and the nights are chilly still. In one moment you get a sunburn and in the […]

small mountain streams in the Bernese Alps

When the end of the trout season approaches, my thoughts are slowly circling around the question what remains to be fished, and how and where I want to spend the last days of the season… and this somehow coincides with the nights getting colder and […]