It has become warm, school is out and the kids playing out on the streets. In the evenings it smells like BBQ on every corner…. summer!

The sun is only a mere hand above the horizon when I grab my fly fishing stuff and head out to the creek for a few casts in the mild evening air.

The meadows I have to cross have been cut already, but everywhere the grasshoppers chirp. A rooster crows somewhere in the village. I feel a sweet sting in my heart, composed of childhood memories and the fleetingness of this wonderful moment.

As I arrive at the water, I stand amidst the meadowsweet and baldrian and see rings of rising fish on the surface. I take a deep breath of the fragrant air… this is my summer drug, there is nothing better than this!

With my 4wt rod, a fine tippet and my favorite dry fly I manage to catch several fish. They seem to get bigger the deeper the sun disappears behind the horizon, but the truely big one are not to be seen today.

As the dark slowly approaches, the beavers take over the creek an I start to make my way back home where a cool beer awaits my in the fridge – what a great start into the weekend.