pike opening with a new PB

I had been looking forward to the opening of pike season (16th may) for quite some time. Trout are beautiful and I love ’em, but a pike on fly tackle is special… Many evenings had I spent in anticipation tying and refining streamers patterns and […]

enraged or offended?

My dad recently noted that I hadn’t yet caught a pike this year… hadn’t I? NO INDEED, I had not! Somehow I had rather gone fishing for barbel, trout or whatever came along. But I had recently tied supernice streamers (Gunnar Brammer’s “MegaJerk”), which moved […]

first catch

The first fish I catch in the new year always feels special to me – it feels like a reward, for enduring the cold and windy days without a single fin, and the “unfishable” days during which you just stare out of the window, dreaming […]