When such an old fish appears from the deep, in a spot which is easily accessable and very frequently fished, it is hard to believe how it was possible to fish past this huge fish for all this time! I have fished this spot many […]


Als bekennendes Land-Ei habe ich das Angeln als Kind natürlich mit dem Regenwurm im Dorfbach begonnen. Und schon damals haben mich die wunderschönen und oft erstaunlich großen Fische in diesen kleinen Bächen fasziniert. Diese Faszination hat bis heute nicht abgenommen…. Am letzten Wochenende ergab es […]

video: SAUDI ARABIA – fishing the Red Sea

My brother and I had long dreamed of fishing the Red Sea after so many years, and hoped that it would still be as wonderful as we remembered it from our childhood. After 27 years, my brother and I returned to Saudi Arabia in feburary […]

small dry fly pattern for the summer

On warm summer evenings as we currently have, a lot of different insects swarm an hatch, and the trouts rise to a great variety of things. In probably 95% of the time I am fishing a small around pattern, which does not immitate anything special but just looks somewhat buggy, is naturally colored and rather small. An the trouts seem to like it!